Project Shalom is a charity Organisation that offers love, care, and relevant, social, emotional and spiritual, support for vulnerable, orphaned and marginalized children in Uganda. It is a Christian programme run by dedicated volunteers and paid professional staff who manage the activities run at the main office and within the communities where the beneficiaries are placed.

Charity status

Project Shalom is a registered body operating in partnership with the UK supporting body and registered as a charity (UK 1136019) since 2006 , and in Uganda Project Shalom is registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with an operating office in Jinja District, located at Bugembe Complex, Plot 2 Muziransa Road, PO Box 1019, Jinja, Uganda.


  • Currently caring for over 60 beneficiaries of different age groups from Preschool, through Secondary School and Higher Levels of education i.e. Vocational, Tertiary/ University.
  • We have offices and a stabilization home where children can stay between 6months to a year before settling in foster families.
  • We have over 40 families we currently work with as foster homes for our supported beneficiaries.
  • We have small farms as pilot projects for developing income-generation and food for the beneficiaries and their foster families.
  • We do regular weekly visits to assess progress on the children placed in foster families and regular visits to schools to assess educational progress.


The inspiration of Project Shalom story is all embedded in the life of the founder and Director Miss Juliet Mukisa, who was an orphan herself at a very young age. She, growing up in several environments with no proper adult figure to be attached to, made it difficult to have a proper sense of belonging and self-identity. After a series of losses of people close to her like father who she never saw, mother who hardly spent life with her and later passed away, and finally with grandmother who was the closest person she was attached until the age of 12 years when grandmother also passed away, Juliet was completely left in charge of a child-headed family taking care of her siblings since she was the first borne child of her mother.

Juliet Mukisa’s history shaped what Project Shalom stands for today

Thankfully, God’s grace was with her and she was later adopted by another relative at the age of 14 and life turned around from a desperate and hopeless situation to a life of hope, security and love. Juliet found her destiny when she encountered the love of Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior while in her new family where she then belonged.

Life took a different direction, meaning and value was added as a young lady growing into faith and ambitions for the future. A few years later, she chose to join the “Youth with a Mission” (YWAM) Organization where she did several training courses including the “School of Biblical Studies” an Associate Degree Program with the University of the Nations (U of N). This helped her to be qualified and fully equipped for the work of ministry.

In 2002 she founded the Shalom Ministries which was later renamed “Project Shalom” where she is currently involved in taking care of Orphans and vulnerable children and young adults.










These institutions are making it possible for us to make the world a better place for its vulnerable children in Uganda.